The Hand I & II

Media Release
Lynn VanPraagh-Gratton
Brett Stephan Bass

The Hand I & II Media release

Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton, [a nationally acclaimed psychic-medium bringing forty years of comforting “healing and hope” to those who have lost cherished loved ones], and Brett Stephan Bass, [attorney, businessman, and author of eleven auto-written novels], are proud to announce that they have collaborated to publish two interconnected works that strive to bring clarifying meaning to the phrase “life after death.” Employing a boldly creative format that artfully blends fiction with non-fiction, a psychic-medium paired with a published novelist have written:

The Hand (Part I)….A Young Man’s Search for Eternity’s Gate


The Hand (Part II)...A Young Man Discovers What Lies Beyond Eternity’s Gate

Why do Homo sapiens exist? Is death the “end” or merely the “end of the beginning”? Are we born to live repeated and refreshed lives until we have mastered certain life-lessons? If so, why? How can human consciousness be explained…self-awareness and experiencing life subjectively with manifested emotions? Does consciousness survive death? Does “light and love” carry universal messages? Does wisdom and knowledge come from a profound “Source”?

Science, religion, and philosophy have struggled in vain to fill in the blanks of man’s incomplete understanding. But there are answers that lay in wait to be discovered. How? By opening our minds to receive a deeper repository of eternal spirituality!

Together, in a “spellbinding” merger of talents, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton and Brett Stephan Bass inspire their readers to consider the meaning of “life” and “death” following Emerson Alexander Weiss on a journey that brings him to and through Eternity’s Gate where his vibrational energy joins that of other energies in a place called Beyond the Beyond. What can Emerson tell us about our place in the universe? His answer will dispel haunting fears of death and will invest in all of us a renewed enthusiasm for living a more thoughtful and fulfilling life in the days that we are privileged to live on earth.